Dr. Gerhardt Schmidt - Ford Motor Co.
Ford VP of Research, Dr. Gerhardt Schmidt delivering opening keynote speech on behalf of automotive industry at 2002 Future Car Congress.

Future Car Congress Keynotes

Opening remarks by government and industry leaders set tone of Congress.

By Bill Moore

Dr. Gerhardt Schmidt explained to the 700-some Congress attendees that Ford Motor Company is investigating a variety of automotive technologies and pathways because unforeseen circumstances or events in the future may bring about a dramatic disruption in the status quo.

His words appear to reflect the thinking of nearly all automakers as they plan for an uncertain future in which oil may play an increasingly sensitive role in world commerce as the result of either real or artifical shortages.

EV World was priviledged to record his remarks, as well as those of Tom Gross and Robert Card from the US Department of Energy, and Robert Culver the Executive Director of the US Council for Automotive Research or USCAR. Tom Gross's opening remarks are Audio File 1. Deputy Energy Secretary Robert Card's brief comments are Audio File 2. Robert Culver's introduction and Dr. Schmidt's address are on Audio File 3.

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We ask your patience in attempting to listen to the audio files linked in the right-hand column. We can only serve a small number of simultaneous connections, so you may have to try to access the files at less busy times.

EV World wishes to thank the organizers of the Future Car Congress, SAE and ESD for making this valuable dialog possible.

Tom Gross
US Department of Energy

Robert Card
US Department of Energy

Robert Culver

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Published: 08-Jun-2002


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