Kate O'Connor - For The Love of Oil
Kate OConnors poignant, insightful and provocative lyrics describe the consequences of our oil habit.

For the Love of Oil

The protest music genre is alive and well in 'For The Love of Oil.'

By EV World

It's not often we feature a musical artist on EV World, but we decided to make an exception for Kate O'Connor. Shortly after the tragic events of September 11, 2001, Ms. O'Connor wrote a thought-provoking ballad entitled, "For the Love of Oil."

We discovered the ballad by chance on the Internet last week and felt that our readers would be interested in the message it conveys. Those of us who are old enough to remember the protest songs of the 1960's will find the genre is still alive and well in Ms. O'Connor's provocative lyrics.

Whether or not you agree with the sentiments expressed, they do convey a growing mode of unease in America with our over-dependence on imported oil and the consequences of that "addiction", both to ourselves and the nation's which supply it to us.

You will find several MPEG versions of "For the Love of Oil" on Ms. O'Connor's web site, as well as the lyrics to the song. Because of the significant size of these MPEG files (up to 8.7MB), we took the liberty of encoding the song into RealAudio streaming format so that our readers who don't have MPEG players or fast bandwidth connections can listen to the song. The complete edition is about 7:30 minutes in length. However, we encourage you to visit Kate O'Connor's web site and download the MPEG versions for better sound quality. And maybe considering buying her CD's to help her out.

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Published: 14-Jul-2002


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