Hot Air Balloons over Albuquerque, NM
Like our fossil fuel-based economy, these hot air balloons, which are part of Albuquerque's annual festival, can remain aloft only as long as they have sufficient propane to fire their burners.

The Approaching Energy Crisis

Albuquerque Tribune Insight & Opinion series on America's energy situation.

By EV World.com

An EV World reader recently brought to our attention an excellent series of articles that appeared just a little over a year ago in the Albuquerque Tribune in New Mexico. It was written by the husband and wife team of Howard and Virginia Stephens, with the assistance of Jim Cochran. Their research was originally published in a 2-hour radio documentary that aired on public radio.

Howard is a retired Sandia National Laboratories manager who spent 27 years in materials and energy research and development. With a doctorate in chemistry, he is a past chairman of the American Chemical Society's Division of Fuel Chemistry His wife, Virginia, is a free-lance technical writer and retired teacher. Cochran is an Albuquerque-based veteran radio and TV producer who specializes in scientific and technical programs.

The Insight & Opinion series concludes with a fifth editorial by Tribune reporter Lawrence Spohn in which he contends that the rate at which we consume oil will determine the timing of a global oil crisis. All five articles are thought-provoking and insightful.

As in the case of the series of articles that appeared in the July 4, 2002 issue of the Economist, we felt our readers would be interested in this series, as well.

Are We Running on Empty?

Hooked on Oil & Gas

Small Steps to Big Decisions

Driving America's Future

Consumption Key to Crisis Onset

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Published: 27-Jul-2002


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