ReThink Protest Rally to save Ford Th!nk electric car
Elaine Lissner demonstrates her frustration with Ford's decision to terminate the Th!nk EV program by announcing to the world that Ford's chairman, "Bill Ford left me at the altar."

ReTh!nk Stages Protest

Interviews recorded live from San Francisco protest rally.

By EVWorld.Com

Lessees of Ford's Th!nk city electric car organized a protest in front of S and C Ford in downtown San Francisco at noon on October 10, 2002. Estimates range from 30 to 50 people participated in the event, which appears to be first of its kind ever staged to save an automobile program from extinction.

EV World arranged to speak immediately after the hour-long protest with several event organizers including Marc Geller, Elaine Lissner and Danny Ames, all three of whom drive the friendly little battery electric Th!nk city. They named the event ReTh!nk to show their disapproval of Ford Motor Company's plans to discontinue production of the two-passenger car and to publicize the fact that hundreds of people in the Bay Area are on dealer waiting lists to buy or lease the car.

The interviews have a slightly chaotic aura about them since the protest was just winding down when we got Danny Ames on his cellular telephone at the site of the event.

At least one local television station sent a camera crew and the San Francisco Chronicle sent a reporter to cover the event.

We recorded our telephone conservations with three of the event participants, including two of the organizers. You can listen to them using the Audio links in the right-hand column or using the list below. You must have RealPlayer installed on your computer. We apologize for offering only the one format, but cost, manpower and technical constraints prevent us from offering MediaPlayer or MP3 formats.

The speakers in order are:

Information on ReTh!nk can be found at Thinkelectric.org

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Published: 12-Oct-2002


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