Sharp Solar display at 2003 NAHB Home Show (EVWorld.Com Photo)
Sharp Electronic's display at 2003 NAHB Home Show. Note the new rectangular solar panels designed to fit hip roof lines.

Sharp's Solar Edge

NAHB Home Show interview with Arthur Rudin, Director of Engineering, Solar Systems Division.

By Bill Moore

Nearly all of the major photovoltaic (PV) system manufacturers currently offering product in the United States took the plunge and set up booths at the 2003 National Association of Home Builder's Home Show in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Photovoltaic systems convert photons in sunlight into electrons, generating electricity with no pollution. However, the technology is still relatively expensive and somewhat inefficient, requiring substantial surface area to generate enough electricity to power the lights in most homes.

The largest display was that of Sharp Electronics, who were using the show to promote the introduction of their new integrated PV system for the residential market.

Also on hand were representatives from Uni-Solar, BP Solar, Kyocera, Evergreen and Astro Power. While I spoke at some length with most of these manufacturers, I decided to try a somewhat novel experiment by conducting an audio interview using a small, hand held tape recorder. Sharp Electronic's Arthur Rudin turned out to be my willing guinea pig. The interview didn't turn out too badly considering the background noise of the show and the quality of the tape, so I thought I'd share it with EV World's readers. There's the obvious PR-spin, but also some interesting comments about the industry, as well.

Thanks to Arthur Rudin and Ron Kenedi, the General Manager for Sharp's Solar Systems Division, to taking the time to talk with me. Kenedi informed me when the interview was over that he reads EV World, so I expect he'll be interested in this piece. Click the link at the top of the right-hand column to listen to our short interview.

Regarding available state solar and/or renewable incentives, you can learn more about them at www.dsireusa.org.

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Published: 01-Feb-2003


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