ChevronTexaco's Greg Vesey, at ETIC 2002
Greg Vesey acknowledges the challenges facing his company, industry and the world as it faces the transition from fossil fuels to sustainable forms of energy.

Accepting the Challenge of Tomorrow's Energy

Presentation by Greg Vesey recorded at 2002 ETIC in Miami, Florida.

By Bill Moore

Everyone knows that oil and natural gas will someday run out. Few people appreciate that fact more than the oil companies themselves. Large producers like BP and Shell are investing in renewable energy, others are investigating alternative fuels, including hydrogen.

ChevronTexaco has taken a serious interest not only in hydrogen production, but in hydrogen storage, one of the more significant technical bottlenecks confronting the future hydrogen economy. Prior to its merger with Chevron, Texaco invested over $60 million dollars in Energy Conversion Devices (ECD) and its solid hydride storage system.

Greg Vesey, the president of ChevronTexaco Technology Ventures, spoke on the opening day of the Electric Transportation Industry Conference in Hollywood Beach, Florida about why the petroleum industry is interested in sustainable energy and cleaner petroleum technologies.

To listen to Vesey's 10 minute presentation, click the audio link at the top of the right hand column.

EV World wishes to thank the EVAA for granting us permission to record the conference's presentations.

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Published: 01-Feb-2003


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