Zhao Shan & Bill Moore on CCTV's Dialogoue
EV World's editor (left) and Beijing Continental Battery's Zhao Shan (right) appearing on CCTV International's 'Dialogue' produced and hosted by Yang Rui.

EV Dialogue on CCTV International

Audio of September 2002 interview on CCTV's Dialogue

By Bill Moore

During my trip to China last September at the invitation of the Zhao Shan, then the president of the Beijing Continental Battery Company, I had the rare opportunity to be interviewed -- along with Mr. Zhao -- on Central China Television (CCTV). The program is the English-language equivalent in China of the Larry King Show on CNN or Charlie Rose on PBS. Our host and interviewer was Yang Rui, an articulate and politically-conscious journalist who, like many of his generation in China, experienced the privations of the Cultural Revolution first hand.

The producers of Dialogue graciously sent me a VHS copy of that interview which was 30 minutes in length. It's too long to put on the web in video form, but I thought EV World's readers would enjoy listening to it. It's divided into three sections, which is how the program was organized. Dialogue's producers inserted a 1:30 minute profile piece based on video footage presumably shot in Pusan, Korea during EVS 19, which took place a month after this interview. Much of the footage included video of the KAZ eight-wheeled electric limousine.

The photograph above was taken with my digital camera off the television set so the quality isn't all that good. While we have the ability to capture digital video to our Macintosh G4, we don't for old-style analog recordings.

I hope you enjoy the program. For me it was one of the highlights of my second trip to Beijing. To listen to the each segment, click the Play Audio links in the right hand column.

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Published: 08-Feb-2003


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