RAV4 EV cutaway
Toyota RAV4 EV is, in the opinion of many, the most versatile and practical production electric car built so far. A few hundred have been leased or sold in California. Production has now ceased.

EV Party Live!

EV enthusiasts gather to demonstrate their cars and their convictions.

By EVWorld.Com

Paul Scott opened up his Santa Monica home Sunday, Feb. 9, 2003 for an unusual kind of party.It was a heady mixture of grassroots politics and an electric vehicle Ride and Drive.

According to Scott, who leases a Toyota RAV4 EV, approximately 100 people showed up to test drive 7 battery electric cars and learn why BEVs are rapidly becoming an endangered "species."

EV World's contributing editor in California, Josh Landess attended the meeting and you can read his report here. EV World's editor called the Scott home as the party was winding down to talk with Scott and some of the participants. With their permission, we recorded the interviews to give those who couldn't be there a sense of the excitement and frustration drivers in California are feeling as those privileged enough to drive EVs see their zero emission vehicles slipping from their grasps.

To listen to the spontaneous telephone interview, click on the Play Audio link in the right-hand column. The conversation is about thirty minutes long. Listen especially to MD-11 captain, Tom Jenks appraisal of his family's use of their RAV4 EV. It's very revealing and typical of the comments you hear from people who have production electric vehicles.

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Published: 15-Feb-2003


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