GEM neighborhood electric vehicle
Once thought to be restricted to use in the warm Sunbelt states of the south, neighborhood electric vehicles like this GEM are now beginning to find customers further north.

GEMs of Indiana

Interview with Bill Robertson, a DaimlerChrysler car dealer in Greencastle, Indiana.

By Bill Moore

While most people think of Detroit and Michigan as the heart of the automobile industry, in point of fact, much of the pioneering work in the industry began and remains across the border in Indiana. So, it should come as a surprise that Indiana would quickly pass, with few if any objections or debate, a bill that permits the use of neighborhood electric vehicles on streets with 35 mph speed limits.

Bill Robertson, the owner of Bill Robertson Dodge, Jeep, GEM of Greencastle, was one of the guiding forces in that effort. Located some 35 miles west of Indianapolis' airport, his dealership began selling GEM NEVs a year ago after renting one while on vacation in Florida. To his amazement and delight, the cars have been selling much more quickly than he ever imagined.

EV World talked to Robertson about his interest in EVs and what he's learned about the technology and the people who are buying it. Our discussion lasts just under 25 minutes. You may listen to it in its entirety using the Play Audio links at the right.

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But for now enjoy, EV World's interview with Bill Robertson.

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Published: 13-Apr-2003


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