Wesley Cark,  chairman Wavecrest Labs
Wesley Clark is the former head of NATO. Since his retirement he has worked in investment banking, investigating promising new technologies.

Wesley Clark Rides a New Wave

Interview with Wavecrest Labs' new Chairman, General Wesley K. Clark, (US Army, Ret.)

By Bill Moore

Trying to get an interview with retired Army general Wesley Clark is tough. He's a man in much demand these days. Between his frequent appearances on CNN, meetings with former secretaries of state, press conferences and one press interview after another, EV World felt priviledged to get squeezed into his tight schedule.

Why's Clark so busy? In part it's because of his new position as the Chairman of Wavecrest Labs, based in Dulles, Virginia. The company has been working quietly on a potentially revolutionary new electric motor technology that promises to change the way we get around. It might also be because there is a lot of speculation that he is considering a run for the White House in 2004 or possibly 2008.

So, EV World asked him. Are you planning to run for the presidency? You'll have to listen to the interview to hear his answer. You'll also learn more about Wavecrest Lab's new motor technology. EV World will be in Washington, D.C. next week for the EnvironDesign 7 conference where we'll also get our first chance to look at the new motor and test the company's new electric bike. So, expect to hear more about this company.

As usual, we've divided our 24-minute interview into two equal parts. You can listen to EV World's conversation with General Clark by clicking the two Play Audio links at the top of the right hand column.

New Policy

Effective immediately, we have decided to not provide free transcripts or write-ups to this or future interviews. Instead, early this summer we will be introducing our much-delayed subscription model to access selected content on EV World, including our exclusive interviews. At that time, subscribers will have full access to both audio and text versions of our interviews and feature stories.

We are implementing this policy to provide our paid subscribers with not only improved content, but more in-depth content, as well as to pay for the time, expense and effort it takes to generate this material. The subscription will be modest, probably under $30US annually for access to a maximum number of articles each year, a model similar to that used by the Boston Globe. In addition to improved coverage, we will also be able to eliminate much of the advertising on the site, something many readers have asked us to do.

We believe you will find this new approach far better in terms of the quantity and quality of the material we can present you.

But for now enjoy, EV World's interview with Wesley Clark.

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Published: 26-Apr-2003


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