Brazilian Hybrid-electric bus
Onibus hybrid-electric transit bus boasts low floors and low emissions, as much as 70% less than conventional diesel bus.

Hybrid Buses In Brazil

Report from our correspondent in Sao Paulo.

By Alexandre Bueno

Carris, a public transportation bus company from Porto Alegre, Brazil is getting into the hybrid vehicles age. The company decided to test a hybrid bus from a Brazilian manufacturer called Eletra (www.eletrabus.com.br) located in Sao Paulo.

The vehicle, a serial hybrid, is equipped with a high speed (HS) 2.8 L diesel engine made by International Engines South America (www.nav-international.com.br) at its facility in Canoas, metro area of Porto Alegre. The generator feeds the 200 HP max power electric motor. The body is built by Marcopolo (www.marcopolo.com.br) a traditional Brazilian bus manufacturer.

There are 24 buses schedule to be delivered to Carris during 2003. They will be used mainly in the central area of Porto Alegre, which is better known as the city where the World Social Forum was held from 2001 to 2003.

This model, the Viale HI, has about 60% less emissions than a regular bus and uses up to 40% less diesel. The engine runs at 1,800 RPM when the vehicle is moving and at 800 RPM when it is at the bus stop.

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Published: 31-May-2003


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