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The Party Is Over

Interviews with author and ecophilospher.

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Since its release in April, 2003, Richard Heinberg's "The Party is Over" has caused quite a stir. He's been making the rounds of various radio talk shows, several of which are available on the interview in MP3 audio format. EV World thought our readers would want to be made aware of these discussions and have provided links to several below.

Who is Heinberg and why's he important?

Heinberg is a core professor of ecology at the New College of California at Santa Rosa. He is the author of several books including one on the ethics of genetic engineering. In "The Party Is Over", he looks at the equally controversial topic of oil depletion.

According to Heinberg there are two camps in the world when it comes to the debate over oil depletion and the expected oil peak: the "Hubbertists" and the "Cornucopists". The former group, who have built on the foundation of King Hubbert, include the likes of Colin Campbell, Matthew Simmons and Jean Laherrère. They believe that mankind already has or will very shortly cross an invisible threshold where the amount of oil left to be extracted from the earth is less than the amount mankind has already consumed.

By constrast, the "Cornucopists" -- as Richard Heinberg calls them -- believes that market forces and technology will insure that there will always be an abundant supply of energy. Heinberg is not one of them as his new book, The Party Is Over attests.

You'll need an MP3 player in order to listen to the interviews linked below. WinAmp for the PC is available for free download. To download them, right click and then Save As.

Richard Heinberg Interviews on The Party Is Over

Order the "The Party is Over" from Amazon.Com and you'll also help fund EV World.

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