Congressman Zach Wamp
Congressman Zach Wamp was recently honored by the Energy Efficiency Forum with its Congressional Leadership Award. Photo courtesy of Energy Efficiency Forum and Johnson Controls.

New Chattanooga Choo Choo

Speech delivered June 11th in Washington, D.C. at Energy Efficiency Forum

By EV World

The City of Chattanooga, in eastern Tennessee was made famous by Cab Calloway's 1941 hit tune, Chattanooga Choo Choo about a passenger train that ran from New York to the deep South.

Now Republican Congressman Zach Wamp -- whose district includes eastern Tennessee and the city of Chattanooga -- is calling for a crash effort to begin the construction of national, high-speed passenger train service in America.

Wamp Speech

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While he is a firm supporter of the Bush Administration, he is also a strong advocate of American energy independence and energy efficiency.

In this address, given at the National Press Club, he focuses on five key points on how to insure a secure future for the next generation, starting with the need to develop an energy security plan equal to our focus on homeland security.

As part of his plan, he urges the creation of a national high-speed -- preferrably MagLev-based -- rail system in the most heavily traveled corridors, an effort he equates to the Eisenhower Admininstration's decision to build the national Interstate highway system. He also is a strong proponent of improved energy efficiency, as well as advanced nuclear power technology and "clean coal."

This MP3 audio file was provided courtesy of the Advanced Transportation Technology Institute.

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Published: 28-Jun-2003


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