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Interview with Solar Hydrogen Energy Corporation's president and CEO, Tom Beck

By Bill Moore

The Solar Hydrogen Energy Corporation in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada has a simply, but powerful vision. Develop a durable, low-cost solar concentrator that homeowners, communities and businesses large and small can mount on their premises and generate extraordinarily high temperatures to power a wide range of devices from Sterling engines to heat pumps to the cost-effective production of hydrogen from water.

The company is rapidly moving out of the research and development phase and into mass production beginning in 2004, the key to which is the low-cost manufacture of the curved glass reflectors that are the heart of the system. The company also is working hard to perfect a low-cost hydrogen catalyst that will "crack" water, enabling the residential-scale production of hydrogen.

Tom Beck is the company's founder, president and CEO. He talks to EV World about his firm's technology, where it is now and where he sees it headed in the coming years. Understandably, he wouldn't give EV World a price tag, but he indicate his target was a five year payback, depending on a customer's locale and system needs.

To listen to this 33 minute interview, you'll need the RealPlayer audio plugin. You can download it free of charge from Real.Com.

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Published: 28-Jun-2003


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