Charles MacArthur with Reliant Robin
MacArthur with his 1976 Robin Reliant, built in England. He plans drive it from Maine to California on just 40 gallons of biodiesel fuel.

Sea-to-Sea in Mini SUV

Interview with Yankee inventor, collector and author Charles MacArthur

By Bill Moore

Charlie MacArthur's 75 years isn't going to stop him from proving you can get from coast-to-coast with a minimum amount to fuss and fuel, provided you have the right vehicle, and he thinks the Reliant Robin -- with a few modifications -- is just the car to do it. [Email: charlie@inventor.org].

MacArthur's home base is Maine, which had endowed him with a certain amount to Yankee self-reliance and tenacity. In this half-hour interview he talks about his up-coming trip slated to begin on Labor Day here in the USA. He explains why he settled on the three-wheeled, 800-pound, four-passenger Robin and the challenges of converting it to a biodiesel-fueled, hybrid-electric.

He also talks about his apocalyptic novel, "The Adjustment" which is set five years into the future when New York's power-grid collapses and the havoc that follows in the wake of oil depletion. It's a gloomy novel he hasn't wanted to even give his grandchildren.

Still, he's a man of hope and determination who tries to do his small part to make the planet a bit more of a sustainable place to live. Click the Play Audio links at the top of the right-hand column to listen to our discussion about driving Sea-to-Sea in a Mini-SUV. Requires RealPlayer plug-in from Real.Com.

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Published: 04-Jul-2003


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