Saturn V Rocket liftoff
A giant Saturn V rocket lifts off from Cape Kennedy with three-man Apollo moon mission crew strapped to its nose. NASA spent an estimated US$25 billion dollars on this ambitious program. Energy independence advocates are calling for a national energy program more than ten times this size.

Apollo Arising

Dialog with founder and director of Americans for Energy Independence, Michael Shellenberger.

By Bill Moore

It's becoming increasingly obvious that America is paying a high price for its cheap energy policies. Daily killings of American troops in Iraq remind nearly everyone that our over-dependence on imported oil may not be a good thing. However, until now it's been largely environmental groups who have been calling for "energy independence" with greater reliance on renewable forms of energy, especially wind, solar and most recently hydrogen. Even the White House has now endorsed the notion of a "hydrogen economy."

Thanks to the efforts of people like Michael Shellenberger, who heads Americans For Energy Independence, and Bracken Hendricks, an environmental-labor union-business alliance is emerging which is advocating a massive -- to the tune of a staggering US$300 billion over the next ten years -- investment program to revamp America's energy system, and with it much of our infrastructure. What the Apollo moon missions did for American science and engineering, the coalition hopes to do for the entire country, and ultimately the world.

It's a highly ambitious undertaking called the Apollo Alliance, but amazingly Shellenberger and Hendricks now have lined up the support of 12 of America's largest labor unions, often considered staunch opponents to any serious change in the status quo. We talked to Michael Shellenberger from his home northern California about the objectives of the Alliance and how it plans to achieve the goal of American energy independence.

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Published: 12-Jul-2003


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