Dennis Kucinich in Omaha
Congressman and presidential hopeful, Dennis Kucinich (D.Ohio) makes brief campaign stop in Omaha. With him in Nebraska Democratic party chairman Steven Achelphol.

Kucinich in Omaha

Exclusive EV World audio recording of Congressman Dennis Kucinich in Omaha, August 1, 2003.

By Bill Moore

What do nuclear proliferation and EV's have in common?

By Los Alamos Study Group executive director Greg Mello's reckoning about $7 TRILLION.

That's what his group calculates the United States government has spent since 1943 on development and production of some 70,000 nuclear weapons. That works out to be $100 million per weapon! And though America's arsenal still has more than 10,000 high-yield nuclear bombs, the Bush Administration wants to build a entirely new generation of nuclear "bunker-busters" that blur the already murky line between nuclear and non-nuclear weapons. [Is a tank shell with 10 pounds of a depleted uranium in its timp a nuclear or non-nuclear weapon?]

Editor's note: The Guardian revealed today that the Bush Administration has quiety disbanded the DOE's independent nuclear weapons watchdog group.

Talk about squandering our nations weatlh! One-eight of the money spent on America's nuclear bombs in the last fifty years, not to mention all the other bombs in the world, would help usher in a hydrogen economy. For the equivalent of just one those bombs, GM could have given away 2,000 EV1's or Ford could have given away 4,000 Th!nk Cities.

You can go on and on figuring out ways we could have spent that money, ways that would have made the world a safer, cleaner, fairer and more prosperous one than we have now.

This is the reason presidential candidate Dennis Kucinich accepted an invitation to speak at the opening of the 3-day non-proliferation teach-in and march, "Speak Out at STRATCOM." As a harsh critic of the Bush Administration and a vocal advocate for a new vision for America that espouses global cooperation and sustainable development, Kucinich is probably by far the most far-sighted and compelling speaker the Democratic Party has seen in a long time.

In this exclusive EV World recording, you'll get a sense of his passion. Though EV World doesn't formally endorse candidates, its hard not to be moved by Kucinich's message, which is one of compassion, cooperation and courage; stuff in short supply in America of late.

Click the Play Audio link at the top right for this 15 minute-long speech, which was shortened due to a flight delay into Omaha and the need to catch a departing flight. It's short, but eloquent. If you don't have the RealPlayer installed on your computer, you can download it for free from Real.Com.

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Published: 02-Aug-2003


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