Satellite image of Aug, 2003 power blackout in No. America
ISAT GeoStar 45 satellite image purportedly taken on August 14, 2003. It's authenticity has been questioned, but it nonetheless illustrates the area impacted by the power blackout.

Hydrogen: Fair and Balanced

Part one of an exclusive hour-long, audio dialog with Rocky Mountain Institute CEO Amory Lovins

By Bill Moore

Amory Lovins predicted the Big Blackout was inevitable twenty years ago in his book, Brittle Power. And he believes that until the system is redesigned to be more decentralized, it will continue to be susceptible to failure, both accidental and deliberate.

Lovins, who co-founded Rocky Mountain Institute with his then-wife, Hunter, has become one of the most outspoken advocates for hydrogen, authoring and continuing to periodically update the Institute's Twenty Myths white paper.

In our hour-long dialog -- the longest EV World has ever conducted -- we talk about the origins of the recent blackout and how we move towards a hydrogen economy. Lovins contends that many of the objections raised by critics of hydrogen are, essentially, non-issues including the assertion that hydrogen leaks will harm the ozone layer. He argues persuasively that a mature hydrogen infrastructure already exists and that it can provide enough hydrogen to replace two-thirds of the gasoline currently consumed in the United States if used in ultra-high-efficiency fuel cell vehicles like the Institute's HyperCar concept SUV.

Due to the length of our discussion, we've broken the interview into four parts, the last two parts of which we'll make available next week.

Click the Play Audio links to the top right in order to listen to the first two parts of this four-part interview. You will need the RealPlayer plug-in, various versions of which are available for free from Real.Com.

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Published: 30-Aug-2003


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