JetCar 2.5
German designed and built JetCar looks like a fighter but acts like a sailplane, sipping 2.1L/100 km of diesel fuel. Too bad it can't fly!

Upgrading JetCar Version 2.5

A first look at the latest upgrade of the tandem, two passenger JetCar from Germany

By EVWorld.com

The highly-styled, highly-efficient JetCar 2.5 officially made its debut during the 2003 Frankfurt Auto Show in Germany. The tandem, two seater exudes fun while being environmentally responsible. It's 800 cm3 diesel engine should produce impressive fuel economy, currently estimated at 67 mpg (3.5L/100km) in town and 111.9 mpg (2.1L/100km) highway.

An outgrowth of the JetCar 1.5, which looked like a jet aircraft fuselage on a motorcycle chassis, its styling was strictly 1950's but it turned in a very respectable 146 mpg (1.6L/100km) with a top speed of 59 mph (95km/h).

JetCar is the brainchild of Christian Wenger-Rosenau and his brother Michael Wenger, the former who has been involved in both small wind plant development and wind farm installations in the north of Germany. The company plans to build 100 of the steel frame and glass fiber body vehicles in 2004. The company hasn't yet set a price but their web site indicates they will be more expensive than the mass-produced VW Golf, mainly because it they will be hand-built.

More information about the JetCar 2.5 can be found on the company's web site, JetCar.De. The site offers both German and English versions.

JetCar 2.5 side view

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Published: 20-Sep-2003


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