GM H2 Hummer
GM H2 'Hummer' gets 9 mpg, weighs over 6,000 lbs and costs over $50,000, virtually all of which can be written off as a business tax credit under a recently-enacted but clearly short-sighted federal economic stimulus package.

How Many Miles to the Gallon?

CBS 60 Minutes investigation of America's preoccupation with power and performance at the expense of fuel economy and emissions

By CBS 60 Minutes

CBS's Leslie Stahl clearly didn't buy Detroit's assertion that it can't build more fuel efficient vehicles in the October 12, 2003 episode of 60 Minutes entitled, "How Many Miles Per Gallon? " She talks to experts who say Americans can drive their big vehicles while feeling good about reducing their fuel consumption, and it could be done today. But convincing a spoiled car-buying public who are more interested in cup-holders than oil imports will be a far more daunting challenge.

The complete transcript of this episode is available on the CBS web site, but we thought our readers/listeners would also enjoy hearing the program, in case they missed it. With our apologies to 60 Minutes, we have digitized the audio, which you can listen to by clicking the Streaming Audio link at the right.

You will need the RealPlayer plug-in, various versions of which are available for free from RealNetwork.Com.

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Published: 01-Nov-2003


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