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'Though the gods were more and more loudly invoked, the prayers rang hollow, the appeal to conscience turned mute, and any reference to social justice tended to be met with a knowing smirk.'

Sailing the Wine Red Sea

Thomas Cahill looks at contemporary politics through the lens of Greek history

By EV World

George Santayana is credited with coining the aphorism, "Those who fail to learn from the lessons of history are doomed to repeat it." To which we add our own considerably more plebian epitaph, "those who don't read history are stupid!"
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But that is certainly not an issue with which author, lecturer and historian Thomas Cahill need be concerned. His "How the Irish Saved Civilization" created a new genre of accessible history as told from the perspective of often little-known individuals who played pivotal rolls in the development of Western culture.

His latest book, Sailing the Wine-Dark Sea: Why the Greeks Matter looks at ancient Greece through the lens of contemporary events. This week Cahill sat down with progressive talk show host Thom Hartmann to talk about his book and the parallels he sees today.

We were so intrigued by what Cahill had to say about democracy that we were sure you'd want to hear it as well. We edited the interview down to 18 minutes and saved it as an MP3 file. Please feel free to download the file to your computer. Also be sure to read some of the criticisms of Cahill's thesis on Amazon.Com, which are equally valuable.

While Cahill's comments may appear to have little to do with electric cars and fuel cells, they have every thing to do with the political climate of the moment and the forces driving energy policy. It's well worth the download and the listen.

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Published: 15-Nov-2003


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