David Garman, US DoE
EV World caught Assistant Secretary Garman during a slightly more relaxed moment while waiting to get a cup of coffee during the morning break, just minutes after his speech.

When Political Will Isn't Enough

Assistance Energy Secretary David Garman's keynote address to delegates EVS 20 delegates in Long Beach.

By EV World.Com

"Some have suggested that all the government needs to do is undertake a Moon shot approach like the Apollo program, and frankly that is precisely what we would do if it was that easy," stated David Garman in his opening remarks to attendees of the 20th Electric Vehicle Symposium and Exhibition in Long Beach, California. "But compared to what confronts us in making the transition to a hydrogen energy future the Apollo program was easy."

Garman is a 21-year veteran of Washington political scene having served on various Congressional staffs before assuming his role as Assistant Energy Secretary for Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy in the Bush Administration. He owns two hybrid-electric vehicles and clearly is committed to the goal of moving the United States toward a more environmentally sustainable transportation system. But as his opening comments suggest, this won't be easy, nor will it be inexpensive. Comparatively speaking, the race to the Moon was child's play when measured against what it will take to wean the world off its oil-dominated culture.

You can listen to Secretary Garman's 14:27 minute address by clicking the Play Audio link at the right. You'll need a RealMedia player, available free from Real.Com.

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Published: 22-Nov-2003


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