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California is pinning the health and the wealth of the Golden State on the technological progress of cleaner internal combustion engines and fuel cell vehicles, rather than battery electric cars. Cutaway view of Honda FCX fuel cell automobile.

Where Are We Headed?

Opening press conference presentation by Dr. Alan Lloyd at 2003 Michelin Challenge Bibendum

By EVWorld.Com

Prior to the official opening of the 2003 Michelin Challenge Bibendum held in September in Sonoma County and San Francisco, a meeting was held in Sacramento, the state capitol to review the progress made in clean car technology and the obstacles remaining to achieving that goal.

As Dr. Lloyd, who chairs the Air Resources Board, put it, he drew the 'short straw' to summarize for the gathering of international automotive journalists the morning's proceedings. Referring to a number of Powerpoint slides, he outlined where the industry stands in its development pathways and where the world is headed in terms of its energy needs and wants. He expressed his satisfaction with the progress being made to reduce the emissions of conventional gasoline engines and fuel cells. But he also questioned America's "need" to consume 25% of the world's oil production.

Click the Play Audio link at the right to listen to Dr. Lloyd's presentation. You'll need RealPlayer installed on your computer, available free from Real.Com.

EV World wishes to thank Michelin for inviting us to cover this year's Bibendum.

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Published: 29-Nov-2003


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