Rob Reiner addresses EVS 20 attendees
Actor, Writer, producer, and entrepreneur Rob Reiner addresses EVS 20 in Long Beach, California in November, 2003. He is an ardent electric-drive advocate who drives a Toyota Prius and supports various environmental and early childhood development initiatives.

The Many Hats of Rob Reiner

Respected Hollywood producer and environmentalist delivers heartfelt address for the opening plenary session of the 20th Electric Vehicle Symposium.

By EV World

Rob Reiner gained national recognition playing the hippie son-in-law, "Meathead" in the 70's sitcom, "All in the Family." He parlayed that fame into a successful career as a Hollywood writer and producer whose credits include a long list of theatrical hits including "Stand By Me", "Ghosts of Mississippi" and "The Princess Bride."

Although suffering from a chest cold, Reiner fulfilled his commitment as the featured keynote speaker at the 20th Electric Vehicle Symposium, held in Long Beach, California. His largely extemporaneous remarks where punctuated with self-effacing humor and the occasional cough, which did not detract, however, from the message he wanted to convey: that what the delegates to EVS 20 were doing is extraordinarily important to the future, not only the long-term security and sustainability of America but of the larger world.

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Published: 28-Dec-2003


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