TJ Glauthier, E2I president
T.J. Glauthier is the founding president and CEO of the Electricity Innovation Institute or E2I, a non-profit affiliate of EPRI. He has held senior management positions at OMB and the US Energy Department.

Visions of a New Power Future

E2I president's presentation at 20th Electric Vehicle Symposium

By EV World.Com

In the age of the micro-processor, the world's electric power grid still relies on 1950's technology, stated T.J. Glauthier to the delegates attending the 20th Electric Vehicle Symposium in Long Beach, California in November 2003.

It is one of the missions of the Electricity Innovation Institute or E2I -- over which Glauthier serves as president -- to promote research into the development of a "smart grid," one which takes advantage of not only conventional distributed generation sources such as wind turbines, solar panel and small-scale fuel cells, but also mobile sources including "plug-in hybrids" and fuel cell cars and trucks.

EV World was privileged to record Mr. Glauthier's presentation, which is available to EV World Premium subscribers in MP3 audio format. In his 15:40 minute address, he discussed some of the tantalizing possibilities of a future "smart grid." One was the impact plug-in hybrids would have on the nation's petroleum consumption. He noted that EPRI has concluded that a plug-in hybrid with a 60 mile battery-only range would translate into the equivalent of 80 miles per gallon fuel economy, with consequent reductions in local smog emissions.

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EV World also thanks the Electric Drive Transportation Association for granting us permission to record this presentation.

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Published: 17-Jan-2004


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