Exxon Valdez oil tanker spill
Remember the Exxon Valdez? Millions of gallons of thick, sticky, deadly petroleum ruined hundreds of miles of once pristine Alaskan shoreline after going off course and running aground. ExxonMobil continues to fund efforts to stall climate change agreements while sowing public confusion


NOW with Bill Moyers investigates the shadowy lobbyists who sow climate confusion for profit

By EV World.Com

That's what some in the fossil fuel industry and their highly-paid henchman (lobbyists) think of "global warming." It's just so much "globaloney."

The PBS series, NOW with Bill Moyers recently broadcast a episode that looked at the roll played by fossil fuel and energy company shills to manipulate the American public and elected officials into believing that climate change is a hoax and that their products, oil, gas and coal, have little impact on what is a naturally occurring cycle.

NOW Senior Washington Correspondent, Roberta Baskin and NOW producer Bryan Myers attended the recent climate change conference in Milan, following in the footsteps of the industry's front line lobbyists, men like Don Pearlman, Dale Heydlauff and Fred Smith. It's their mission to sow seeds of doubt on the climate change issue, enough so that Congress won't enact any legislation that will effect their corporate paymasters' bottom lines.

EV World wanted our readers and listeners to hear this episode, which aired on PBS January 23, 2004. You can play a MP3 recording of the original broadcast, or go to the PBS web site to read a complete transcript of the program. PBS also has a streaming video version of the program entitled "Ode to Kyoto".

We encourage you to listen, read or watch this expose about what a handful of corporate capos are doing to line their pockets at the expense of our shared environment.

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Published: 31-Jan-2004


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