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Comedian, author and liberal political commentator, Al Franken is the lead talk show host for the newly-launched Air America Radio network. He achieved celebrity status on the Saturday Night Live comedy show in the US, becoming a best-selling author for his spirited attacks on right-wing media. He is heard daily, Monday through Friday, on a growing national chain of radio stations and via the Internet.

Of 'Biostitutes' and Earth Day

Air America Radio's Al Franken interviews Robert Kennedy, Jr on the Bush Administration's environmental record

By EV World

They are called "confusionists", "cigarette scientists" and "biostitutes," and they will say anything their corporate paymasters want them to, so charges Robert J. Kennedy, Jr., one of America's leading defenders of the environment. He is referring to a small group of "phoney scientists" who deny the reality of global warming, that cigarettes cause cancer or that mercury is bad for you.

Kennedy appeared on the O'Franken Factor, hosted by comedian and author Al Franken and his co-host Katherine Lanpher on Earth Day, April 22, 2004 to talk about Bush Administration environmental policy, which he considers, "the worst adminstration we've had in American history." He charges that the White House has either overtly or, more typically, covertly proposed some 400 environmental legislation rollbacks, which he states is tracked daily by Bush Greenwatch.

He told Franken that if only a fraction of these proposals are passed, within one year, America essentially will have no way to enforce environmental laws. We will, in effect, be like Mexico with lots of nice sounding laws, which have no teeth because corporations have used their influence to gut any enforcement by the government.

In a wide ranging, 28-minute-long interview, Franken and Kennedy discuss examples of how corporations have co-opted our environmental rights for their own profits, harming our health and passing the costs of their pollution on to taxpayers and consumers.

EV World recorded the interview for those who weren't able to catch the program this week. You can listen to or download the MP3 file using our MP3 Player at the right. We wish to thank Air America Radio for making this interview possible.

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Published: 24-Apr-2004


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