EV1 Brochure artwork
Artistically pleasing, early GM EV1 ads like this one did little to convey the message of the electric car, that it offered a practical and pollution-free (at the tailpipe) solution for millions of car buyers. GM cancelled the program after about 1,500 cars were built and eventually scraped nearly all of them. Photo courtesy of EV1 Club.

Ballad of the EV

Ode to a fading dream or dawning of a brighter tomorrow?

By Robert Stelling

You don’t hear my engine rumble
As I pull up next to you
And even as I pull away
You still don’t have a clue

You think you need a lot of noise
To make you go real fast
But I have news for you, my friend:
You’re only wasting gas.

The way to win a race like this
Is having torque to spare.
High torque is what I have in spades,
And I also Spare the Air.

I leave you in my mirror now,
As you watch me pull away -
Since my car is all electric
You lose the race today.

I pay dimes instead of dollars
To leave you in the past.
I make no noise, I leave no smog,
And I use no oil or gas.

My car can last a lifetime
As there’s little to wear out -.
Some batteries and a motor
Are what we’re all about.

Solar panels make my power
Not some foreign country guy.
I don’t need to send an army in
If my gas tank’s looking dry.

Well, my friend, I’ll leave you now.
I’ve another race to run.
I’ll let you keep your lovely smog,
Brown in the setting sun.

I’ve got to show the ones who care
There’s a better way to be;
That driving an electric car
Can keep us breathing free!

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Published: 05-Jun-2004


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