Charles Lewis - Center for Pubic Integrity
Center for Public Integrity founder Charles Lewis. His public 'watchdog' group recently released 'The Politics of Oil – How one of the world's richest industries influences government and policy'.

The Appalling Politics of Oil

Excerpted MP3 audio from July 16, 2004 edition of NOW with Bill Moyers

By EV World

In the last six years, the oil and gas industry has "lavished", both directly and indirectly, more than $440 million dollars on politians, political parties and government lobbyists in a successful effort to influence policy in their favor. It could even be argued that they also bought The White House, since both the president and vice president are former oil industry executives. 

NOW with Bill Moyers devoted one segment of the July 16, 2004 program to a renewly released report from the Center for Public Integrity, entitled, "The Politics of Oil -- How one of the world's richest industries influences government and policy". It is a scathing look at how, increasingly, America has become not a "government of the people, by the people, for the people," as Abraham Lincoln so eloquently phrased it, but a government of, by and for the privileged few who not only can buy access and influence but worse, actually write or redraft policy to their benefit, at the expense of the people.

EV World took the liberty of recording the program and converting it to MP3 audio so that our readers outside the United States, as well as those inside the country who may have missed the segment, can listen to its troubling findings. You can either play the audio file directly through our MP3 Player at the right, or download to your favorite MP3 player to listen to during your commute or leisure time.

Also be sure to visit NOW's web site to learn more about the politics of oil and Bill Moyers.

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Published: 17-Jul-2004


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