Wavecrest Tidalforce M750
Irene Haskvitz with her family's Wavecrest Tidalforce M-750 electric bicycle. It's top speed on electric-only power is 19.5 mph. It weighs 65 pounds, so it's a bit heavy for any serious mountain biking, but as Haskvitz observes, it offers older riders an excellent way to bike more around their communities.

Car Family Meets the 'Mother-of-All-Electric-Bikes'

How a Tidalforce M-750 electric bicycle changed this family's life

By Irene Haskvitz

There are very few times when we test a vehicle and have an intense desire to buy it. Well, the Tidalforce M-750 is that type of ride. It is nearlyflawless, opens your life to new experiences, and is affordable. This isthe mother-of-all-electric-bikes, and truth be told, it is sorely neededin a world so dependent on petroleum, besmirched in pollution, and burdened by obesity. And the price, for the mountain bike M-750 is $2500, and for the equally potent, but more relaxed fit I0 model its $500 less.

Let us give you some examples of how the Wavecrest bike changed our lives.

It was a six-mile trip up a steep mountain and I had not been on a bike in years. An hour and a half later I was at the top. My car was at the garage ten miles away and I had no way to get a ride there to pick it up. The bike got me there in under a half hour. Commutes to work, pacing family members as they run or walk, bringing back the enjoyment of mobility to those with bad legs, and the fun of challenging yourself without worrying makes this a must test drive bike. Best of all its truly earth friendly, people friendly, and user friendly.

Okay, forget all you know about battery-powered bikes of the past. They had a short range, were top heavy, and had no ability to climb mountains. This 750, which is named for its adaptive 750 watt motor, has none of there shortcomings. Now don't get me wrong, I have nothing against cyclists who enjoys the challenge of a long bike ride, but for those of us who have bad legs, don't have the time to get in shape for long hauls, or just enjoy effortless travel, this tough bike is ideal. I especially like the idea that it can be used by a spouse to join the more athletic member of the family on biking excursions. You can even pace a family member as he or she runs. You actually find excuses to use the TidalForce.

The bike can go about 20 miles on one charge and you can add another battery for longer travel. While traveling you have your choice of putting the bike on cruise control or in turbo mode for more thrust, but a shorter range. A small accelerator lever activated by your right thumb controls everything. The learning curve is more like a line as everything is intuitive.

The frame folds in half to fit into a trunk more easily, and the bike comes in two main forms, a mountain version and a beach cruiser. The former rides a bit stiffer and has a more athletic seat, if you get my drift. The real joy of this bike is the fact it also has 21 speeds so you can pedal as much as you want. The gear changes are in the handle bar grips, the turbo boost lever is close-by, and so is the electronic read out that gives you your remaining battery life. A nice tidy package, but here is another plus. If you are going downhill the motor cuts in to recharge itself with a flick of the brakes. This is a well-engineered, user-friendly vehicle that deserves a test drive. And, not just by commuters. The local police could use these and so could beach guards. We were impressed, no doubt, but what sold us was how easy this Wavecrest bike was able to alter out habits. Instead of thinking car first, we thought bike first. Got Milk? If not, hop on and pedal or not to the local store. Parking a problem at the beach? Pack this in the trunk and drive there.

Three negatives, which is probably a bad choice of words when describing an electronic featured bike. First, it weighs nearly 70 pounds so you need to know this when sliding it in and out of the trunk. Secondly, we strongly recommend the second battery as we noticed that when you were climbing and the energy left rating gauge was under half the power would cut in and out. A second battery would eliminate this worry. Finally, make sure the bike has the latest software otherwise you can overcharge it.

EDITOR'S NOTE: Costco is now selling the M750. Also check out the TidalForce Discussion Group.

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Published: 20-Aug-2004


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