Batmobile and OnStar Promotion
OnStar partnered briefly with the Batman comic book franchise in promoting its satellite-based, in-vehicle information service. In a series of television ads, Batman and Robin were assisted by their OnStar service representative.

Blonde Star

Listen to this fun spoof on GM's OnStar in-vehicle concierge service

By EV World

Sometimes we have to have a little fun here at EV World and when we came across this audio file on the Internet, we thought we'd share it with you.

If you aren't familiar with General Motor's OnStar communications system, it's a service that provides emergency road assistance, driving directions and similar concierge-like services for a monthly fee to owners of cars equipped with the OnStar system.

GM typically promotes the service on television and especially radio with brief segments of real emergency calls from their subscribers. A typical commercial might feature a driver whose passenger has had an allergic reaction and needs to find a hospital, or a young mother who has accidentally locked herself out of her car with her infant inside. Clearly, GM's service provides a valuable service for many people.

And then there is this competing service known as BlondeStar....

Click the MP3 player on the right to listen to their commercial... and enjoy.

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Published: 26-Aug-2004


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