Esther Dyson
CNET Network's editor at large Esther Dyson shared her views of the role of the Internet and sustainable mobility. Dyson assured conference goers that she doesn't own a car. Living in New York City she walks, uses mass transit or taxis to get around the city. She also believes that selling change in America will be hard.

GOing Conference: Audios Part 1

Presentations by CNET's Esther Dyson and Segway's Doug Field in MP3 audio

By EV World

With this week's edition, we launch a series of audio presentations from the September 10, 2005 GOing conference in Boulder, Colorado. The organizers graciously permitted EV World to record each of the presenters and panels. [Click here for an overview of the conference]. A DVD of the conference is being prepared and will be available from the organizers.

This week we feature Esther Dyson, regarded by many as one of the key founders of the "Internet" and Doug Field, the principle engineer responsible for the development of the Segway HT Transporter. We have reproduced their bios from the conference program. To listen to their presentations use the Flash-based MP3 players at the right or download the files to your computer to play on your favorite MP3 device.

We'll feature additional presentations in the coming weeks; all of which we found highly informative and, we believe, well worth your time to listen to. We will not offer transcripts of the speeches due to time and cost constraints.

Esther Dyson [9 Minutes]
Editor at large at CNET Networks, Esther Dyson is responsible for its monthly newsletter, Release 1.0, and it's PC Forum, the high-tech market's leading annual executive conference. She sold her business, EDventure Holdings to CNET Networks in early 2004.

At Release 1.0 and in her private investment activities, Dyson focuses on emerging technologies, emerging companies and emerging markets. She is also an active player in discussions and policy-making concerning the Internet and society. From 10998 to 2000, she was founding chairman of ICANN -- the organization responsible for overseeing the Domain Name System. A variety of government officials worldwide tgurn to her for advice on Internet policy issues.

After graduating from Harvard in economics, Esther began her serious career in 1974 as a fact-checker for Forbes and quickly rose to reporter. In 1977 she joined New Court Securities as "the research department", following Federal Express and other start-ups. After a stint at Oppenheimer covering software companies, she moved to Rosen Research and in 1983 bought the company from her employer, Ben Rosen, renaming it EDventure Holdings. The daughter of an English physicist and a Swiss mathematician, Dyson started traveling in Eastern Europe in 1989 and eventually helped to fill the small but vital vacuum at the intersection of Eastern Europe, high-tech and venture capital, even as she remains active in the US and Western Europe.

J. Douglas Field [25 minutes]
Segway LLC, Chief Technology Officer, VP Design and Engineering, Douglas Field leads some of th emost talented engineers and designers in the world in the conception, development, and delivery of radically new forms of transportation. Field's team is wholly responsibled for the development of the Segway Human Transporter (HT) as well as all the researh and development of future Segway products.

Doug's career of managing and developing new products and manufacturing proceses for the automotive and medical industries led him to DEKA Research & Development in 1996. He worked at DEKA for several years leading the prototype design and overall technical leadership for the INDEPENDENCE IBOT Mobility System. Prior to that, he was the Manager of Process Development for Johnson & Johnson Medical, Inc. where he led the introduction of advanced manufacturing processes of high-volume medical device production. Earlier in his career, Field was a vehicle development engineer and team leader at Ford Motor Company, focusing on the development of ride, handling, noise and vibration characteristics on several car platforms.

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Published: 17-Sep-2004


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