Porland Light Rail train
Portland chose to build a pioneering light-rail system over twenty years ago instead of building yet another freeway. It's system consists of three lines -- Red,Blue and Yellow -- for a total of 41 miles.

GOing Conference: Audios Part 2

The second in EV World's ongoing series of speaker presentations from the GOing conference.

By EV World

The purpose of the GOing Conference in Boulder was to provide a forum for bringing together all the bits and pieces for developing a sustainable transportation system; one which provides for fast, convenient, safe, but above all, environmentally responsible mobility that operates within the Earth's natural energy budget.

This includes roles for mass transit systems and bicycles, which were the topics of the next two speakers we feature in our ongoing series of MP3 audios taped during the September 10, 2004 conference.

This week, we feature Portland's highly successful public transit system and the role of bicycles in urban transportation. EV World premium subscribers may listen to both presentations by clicking the Flash-based MP3 Audio Player at the right, or by downloading the MP3 file to your hard drive and playing it on your favorite MP3 device.

Carolyn Young -- Length: 21 minutes
Services as Executive Director for Portland, Oregon's TriMet transit agency, one of America's most successful public transit systems. In 2003, TriMet provided residents and visitors with 27 million trips. The system is comprised of three light-rail lines for a total of 41 miles of track and 93 buses, most of which operate on north-south routes as part of a grid system lined to the light-rail lines. The downtown area is served by a modern electric streetcar line. In her presentation, Ms. Young discusses the origins and successes of the TriMet, which began when city fathers decided to use federal transportation dollars to build a ground-breaking light-rail system instead of another freeway.

Tim Blumenthal -- Length: 17:27 minutes
Newly appointed director of Bikes Belong Coalition, soon-to-be based in Boulder, Colorado after its move from Cambridge, Massachusetts were it was founded. The goal of the coalition, made up largely of bicycle manufacturers and suppliers, is to put "more people on bikes more often." It's mission is four-fold: lobby for bicycle friendly policy in Washington, D.C., promote bicycling to the public, support other groups pursuing similar goals, and distribute grants for bicycle facility, education, and capacity projects. Tim recently served as a reporter for NBC at the Summer Olympics in Athens and discusses the impact of the games on the city's vastly improved public transit system, as well as the status of bicycles in America.

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Published: 26-Sep-2004


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