Monaco Grand Prix Poster
Monsieur Fautrier chairs the organizing committee for the 21st Electric Vehicle Symposium to be held in Monaco in early April 2005. Famous for its royal family, casino and Grand Prix race, this poster from the 1966 race depicts some of the landmarks of the tiny principality on the southern coast of France. A former ambassador, he remains active in environmental initiatives including electric-drive technology and reducing pollution in the Mediterranean Sea.

EDTA 2004: European Report

Opening plenary session address by former Monaco ambassador to Switzerland and the United Nations, Bernard Fautrier.

By EV World

"I think we are at a turning point where the arrival of new product such as high performance batteries and hybrid vehicles could trigger change in the market, especially if international context encourages it by maintaining high petrol (gasoline) prices, and as long as public authorities continue to nudge consumers in the right direction," Bernard Fautrier stated during the opening plenary session of the 2004 Electric Drive Transportation Association conference and exhibition in Orlando, Florida in September.

A distinguished civil servant and diplomat for the principality of Monaco, Fautrier reported on electric-drive vehicle developments in Europe, including the launch of several new battery electric vehicle programs there. His 15-minute address, the entirety of which is available to EV World subscribers in MP3 audio format, is the first of several opening plenary speeches we'll feature in the coming weeks.

"I am convinced of an imminent turn-around in the (EV) market, " he concludes, adding that even tiny Monaco will be introducing a two-year incentive program to help encourage the purchase of electric-drive vehicles in the 1.64 square kilometer (0.75 sq mi.) principality.

To listen to Fautriers remarks, click the play button on the Flash-based MP3 Player at the right or download the file to your hard drive for playback on your favorite MP3 device. Please note that he speaks with an accent, so you will need to listen closely to what he says.

EV World extends its thanks to the EDTA for permitting us to record the addresses and make them available to our paid subscribers.

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Published: 30-Oct-2004


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