Mohammed Mossadeq
Democratically-elected Iranian Prime Minister Mohammed Mossadeq was deposed in 1953 by a then-secret CIA-manipulated coup that installed the despotic Shah of Iran in order to insure that British and American oil interests were not nationalized. According to former NSA-agent John Perkins, the success of this operation inspired the US government to implement similar strategies of bribery, assassination and military invasion to keep the United States the dominate world power.

Confessions of an Economic Hit Man

Amy Goodman interviews John Perkins, a confessed 'economic hit man' for the United States

By EV World

John Perkins says he was recruited while still in college by the super-secret National Security Agency to become what he and his colleagues called themselves, "Economic Hit Man". Their job was to use bribery, sex and blackmail to get resource-rich third world leaders to take out lucrative loans that the lenders and politicians knew could never be repaid. And if that failed, CIA-sanctioned "Jackals" were not far behind.

Sound like the plot of a Robert Ludlum thriller? It happens to be the truth.

If you think the US wears a white hat all the time, listen to Amy Goodman's interview with Perkins or if you prefer, read the transcript of their recent conversation on Democracy Now. EV World found the former international banker's comments so illuminating and troubling, that we wanted to bring them to our readers attention. With our respects to Democracy Now, we excerpted his interview from the larger, hour-long program. To listen to the conversation, click the MP3 Player at the right.
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Also be sure to read the reviews of his book on Amazon.Com. As one reviewer puts, it, "It is the story of America's march to dominate world politics and commerce told by an insider, a man who was there when the deals were struck. Although he may upset readers who want to believe that our leaders always wear white hats, the author's stated and obvious intent is to educate. In the end, he helps us see a way to realize America's Founding Fathers' dream of 'life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness' for all people everywhere. A chilling, yet ultimately positive and encouraging, narrative."

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Published: 10-Nov-2004


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