Space Solar Power platform orbiting above the earth
This 1980's concept would generate electric power from giant orbiting solar power satellites. Sunlight striking the arrays 24/7 would be converted to electricity using photovoltaics. The resultant power then would be transmitted to Earth in the form of microwaves. Studies twenty years ago showed that electricity could be produced cost effectively if low-cost, heavy lift rockets or orbital insertion technology existed. However, before we get to this point, there are lots of other solutions that can improve the energy efficiency of our current system.

Webb's Future World

Talk show host Laura Lee interviews futurist and science writer Burt Webb on the future of energy in this Open Access MP3 audio program

By Lauralee.Com

New Age radio talkshow host Laura Lee is attractive, intelligent and gutsy, tackling subjects the Larry Kings of the world shy away from. Her radio show and web site offer some intriguing interviews on subjects as far ranging as shamanistic medicine to Feng Shui to super volcanoes.

Recently, she brought in science writer and futurist Burt Webb to discuss the coming "energy crisis", it's impact on society and what we can do about it. During the hour-long interview he focused on how we can get along without oil for our cars by looking at the various technologies available today -- hybrids -- and tomorrow -- fuel cells. The first half-hour ranges from battery techology to carbon nanotubes. The second half-hour, he turns his attention to non-conventional energy sources from solar towers to orbiting solar power plants, the stuff of Arthur C. Clarke.

While EV World neither endorses nor subscribes to all of the ideas promulgated on the Lauralee program and web site, we found the interview so engaging and informative that we audio captured it from its original Windows media format and converted it to MP3; though admittedly, some of the quality was lost during the conversion process, so you might want to visit the Lauralee.com web site and listen to the program directly from there, instead. But since she doesn't currently encode her interviews to MP3, we took the liberty of doing so for her.

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Published: 18-Jan-2005


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