Honda Hydrogen Home Refueling Station
Honda's demonstration home hydrogen refueling station. The fuel cell unit takes natural gas and makes enough hydrogen for one vehicle, plus electricity and hot water for the home. Honda and its partner Plug Power -- along with Dr. Lloyd -- believe this is an practical means to circumventing the classic 'chicken 'n egg' infrastructure conundrum.

Dr. Alan Lloyd on CalEPA's Hydrogen Role

MP3 audio of Dr. Alan Lloyd's address to California Hydrogen Business Council on February 25, 2005.

By EV World

For some people like Stan Ovshinsky, Dr. Alan Lloyd, the new Secretary of the California Environmental Protection Agency, is a hero worthy of a Nobel Peace Prize. For others, he's a Quisling to the cause of the Zero Emission Vehicles who sold out to the auto industry because of his long-standing support for hydrogen fuel cells.

Regardless of how you feel about the man, he has steadily risen in the ranks of California politics from his days at the South Coast Air Quality Management District or SCAQMD to serving as the head of the State's Air Resources Board, to now serving as Governor Schwarzenegger's designated Secretary of the State EPA.

When Dr. Lloyd speaks, people listen, and in this address he emphasizes the Agency's commitment to hydrogen, though he was careful to make no specific promises other than to reassure the Council that hydrogen will continue to "play a key role at CalEPA".

Perhaps his most revealing comment came just past the halfway point of his speech in which he stated, "Never before has California had a governor, a cabinet secretary and a secretary of CalEPA committed to hydrogen; and I really think you need to take advantage of that opportunity".

Remarking about an interview he had with a French journalist a day or so before the meeting in Torrance, California, Dr. Lloyd told the audience that the journalist suggested that because California now had a European-born governor, that the state would take the greenhouse gas issue more seriously. Just how much more serious California can get considering its bold legislative efforts to limit automotive CO2 emissions, is a bit a mystery.

Because of his long-time support for hydrogen and fuel cell technology, which I was told precedes his role as the Chairman of ARB, Dr. Lloyd also acknowledged the need for the industry and its supporters to assembly a "quick response team" to address negative stories about hydrogen in the media. He also commented that both he and the governor are committed to finding ways to create jobs in the state while protecting the environment, emphasizing that "this is not a passing fad".

Ironically, he also acknowledged that "some of the technology may not be coming as fast as we would like...", which curiously echoes similar remarks years ago about battery electric vehicle development. Still, he is convinced that by industry and government working together, we can bring about change more quickly than by our working separately or against each other.

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EV World extends its thanks to the California Hydrogen Business Council for permitting us to record and podcast all of the presentations.

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Published: 14-Mar-2005


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