Gov. Schwarzenegger refueling hydrogen fuel cell Toyota Highlander
California Governor Arnold Schwartzenegger refuels Toyota Highlander fuel cell prototypen SUV at hydrogen station in Davis, California. The former film star is a leading proponent of hydrogen technology as a way to both clean California's air and stimulate its economy. Photo credit: U.C. Davis.

California's Blueprint to a Hydrogen Future

Dr. Shannon Baxter's address to the California Hydrogen Business Council on the state's plans to shift to a hydrogen economy.

By EV World

When it comes to California's stake in a hydrogen future, Governor Arnold Schwartzenegger is, according to Shannon Baxter, "willing to put his money where his mouth is".

Not only was the state's hydrogen initiative mentioned twice in the governor's "State of the State" address as a way to both clean up the environment and encourage economic growth, two recurring themes of his administration, but as Dr. Baxter put it, "this governor really gets it"!

The product of the governor's support and the topic of Baxter's address, California's Hydrogen Blueprint, was officially released on March 30, 2005 in Sacramento. It lays out a three phase plan, the first phase to be completed by 2010 that would see by the end of Phase One the creation of 100 hydrogen refueling stations, mainly in the state's larger metropolitan areas. The state's share of the project price tag is placed at $6.5 million with a 50/50 funding match by private industry. Phase One also foresees 2000 fuel cell vehicles in the state by 2010, encouraged, in part, by a recommended $10,000 per vehicle state incentive. Below are links to the two-part report.

Baxter told the 150 or so attendees that while people criticize the governor for his support of the hydrogen highway initiative, saying it is too soon to be pushing such an immature technology, the governor responds by saying that if you want to be an Olympic-class athlete or a medical doctor it takes a decade of training and preparation. He says we have to start preparing for the hydrogen economy now.

To listen to Dr. Baxter's complete remarks, including her explanation of how the blueprint was created and who participated, click on MP3 player below the Governor Schwarzenegger's photo, or download the 3.88 MB MP3 file to your computer hard drive for later playback on your favorite MP3 device.

EV World extends its thanks to the California Hydrogen Business Council for permitting us to record and podcast all of the presentations.

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Published: 05-Apr-2005


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