Rep, Dave Weldon with Ford Focus Fuel Cell Prototype
Congressman Dave Weldon, M.D., takes Ford Focus fuel cell prototype out for test drive in 2004. Deputy Secretary Bedwell noted the Congressman's efforts to provide funding to help introduce hydrogen technology into Florida, a state heavily dependent on nuclear and fossil fuels.

Florida Gets Serious About Hydrogen

Presentation to California Hydrogen Business Council by Allan Bedwell, Deputy Secretary for the Florida Department of Environmental Protection on 'New Developments in Florida's Hydrogen Program'

By EV World

Florida is bathed in renewable energy, from the sun that drenches its coasts and inland swamps year-round, to the vast river of warm, tropical water that races north from the Caribbean past its eastern shore. Yet it makes almost no use of these, relying instead on nuclear power and fossil fuels to meet its energy needs.

However, the state does recognize that it needs to become much more energy efficient, including exploring the opportunities that hydrogen offers as a clean, renewable substitute for petroleum and other conventional energy sources. Helping lead that charge is the Allan Bedwell, the Deputy Secretary for Florida's Department of the Environment.

Bedwell was on hand February 25, 2005 at the California Hydrogen Business Council meeting on Honda's 200 acre campus in Torrance, California. During his 20-minute address he explained the very generous economic policies his state is implementing to encourage the introduction of hydrogen and fuel cell technologies in Florida.

This speech will be of particular interest to companies looking to take advantage of state tax incentives and cost sharing grants. The tax incentives are very significant with the state offering to subsidize 75% of any qualifying hydrogen project.

To hear Bedwell's complete remarks, use the Flash-based MP3 player just below the wind turbine picture. The address is 20:00 minutes in length. You can also download the 4.8 MB MP3 file to your computer hard drive for later playback on your favorite MP3 device.

EV World extends its thanks to the California Hydrogen Business Council for permitting us to record and podcast all of the presentations.

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Published: 13-Apr-2005


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