Giant dump trucks haul bitumen sands for refining into petroleum substitute
Giant dump trucks move across Athabasca tar sand fields in Alberta, Canada. These deposits bitumen (tar) are said to rival the light crude oil reserves of Saudi Arabia, but they are more costly to process and require relatively large energy inputs and environmental reclamation. While the hydrocarbon fuel that results is of high quality, it still releases large amounts of greenhouse gases and other environmental contaminates. Photo courtesy of Syncrude Canada.

A Way to Move Beyond Petroleum

Presentation to the California Hydrogen Business Council by JPL scientist Suzanne Klein

By EV World

Suzanne Klein's day job at Pasadena's Jet Propulsion Laboratory is to study the solar system, looking for signs of extra-terrestrial life; not little green men, but primitive biological organisms that might exist under the soils of Mars or deep beneath the frozen ice packs of Europa, one of Jupiter's largest moons.

She's also curious about signs life on this planet, especially in terms of a coherent, intelligent plan to bridge the coming energy gap between the Age of Oil and the uncertain world that lies beyond.

During this 25-minute presentation she paints a somber, but realistic portrait of the road ahead, as population increases and conventional petroleum resources begin to not only decline, but concentrate in the hands of people who are not entirely happy with Western values and policies. Without a well-reasoned plan to move "Beyond Petroleum", the world faces continuous conflict over energy resources.

Ms. Klein looks at the hidden costs of our oil-dependent culture and offers a series of small, but important steps to begin the transition process.

As a service to our readers, we are making this MP3 audio available to all EV World visitors and not just our Premium subscribers, as we have other presentations in this series. You can listen to her remarks by using the Flash-based MP3 Player in the right-hand column, below the photo of the tar sand trucks. Or, if you prefer, you can download the 5.8MB MP3 file to your computer for playback on your favorite MP3 device.

EV World extends its thanks to the California Hydrogen Business Council for permitting us to record and podcast all of the presentations.

This is the concluding program in this series.

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Published: 19-Apr-2005


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