The Rider electric commuter tricycle
The Rider weighs just 30 pounds and collapses into an easily-rolled package that can be carried onto buses and trains, solving the 'last mile' problem for many commuters.

Meet The Rider

Prototype electric tricycle seeks to solve the 'last mile' problem for commuters

By EV World

For many mass transit commuters, the last mile to work, school or home is always the furthest. It's usually always on foot. That's why a young Irsaeli decided to design an EV that would help conquer that obstacle in a practical, affordable and yet aesthetically delightful way.

Elisha Wetherhorn, who holds dual US-Israeli citizenship, is in the last year of an industrial design program at Hadassa College in Jerusalem. And for the past twelve months he’s been laboring on his final design project, a lightweight, collapsible electric three-wheeler designed to bus and train commuters.

Unlike conventional bicycles, including folding ones, which are often heavy and cumbersome -- we know because EV World owns two of them -- The Rider easily folds into an extremely small footprint, which also can be rolled, rather than carried. It has a top speed of 9 mph (15 kph), weighs just 30 lbs (14kg), thanks to its aluminunm frame, incorporates regenerative braking and a front-wheel, 400 watt brushless DC electric motor. Wetherhorn estimates it will operate for up to 4 hours before the 24-volt, NiMH battery -- which sits between the handlebars and can be easily removed -- needs recharging.

In addition to its impressive functionality, Wetherhorn has also engineered into The Rider the ability to "carve" into corners, enhancing its turning stability.

According to email correspondence with Wetherhorn, he hopes upon graduation to carry on his design work seeing the prototype, which he developed with the assistance of Israeli engineers, commercialized into a consumer product.

Designer Elisha Wetherhorn with The Rider he designed.

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Published: 15-Jul-2005


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