William Clay Ford, Jr.
Bill Clay Ford, Jr. with one of his great grandfather, Henry Ford's Model T, the automobile that helped transform the 20th century. Mr. Ford delivered a rare public address at the Spirit of Innovation award luncheon in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

Rare Ford

Ford Motor Company Chairman William Clay Ford, Jr., delivers rare keynote address in Chattanooga, Tennessee

By EV World

Ford Chairman William Clay Ford, Jr. made a rare appearance in Chattanooga, Tennessee to address a sold-out audience recognizing Spirit of Innovation award winners, and taking the opportunity to share his company's own views on innovation, electric-drive technology -- including hybrids and hydrogen -- and the future.

The 26-minute long speech is available in Windows Video Media (.wvm) format (58MB). You may play the Bill Ford Keynote Address directly or by visiting the Chattanooga Area Chamber of Commerce web site and click on the keynote address link in the right-hand column. We recommend you have a broadband connection to download and view the video.

In addition to recognizing Chattanooga's progressive community redevelopment efforts and its leadership in the deployment of electric and hybrid-electric transit buses and shuttles, Ford also talked about his own company's energy efficiency and conservation efforts from the "green" rehabilitation of his great grandfather's River Rogue plant in Detroit to the introduction of even more gasoline electric hybrids, starting with the sales launch the previous week of its second SUV hybrid, the Mercury Mariner Hybrid.

Thanks to Jim Frierson and the Chattanooga Area Chamber of Commerce for making this presentation to available to EV World readers and viewers.

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Published: 23-Jul-2005


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