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GM Hummer H3s are smaller and more fuel efficient than previous models. Test drives in mostly urban settings return an average of 15 mpg. Consumer Guide gives it a 4 rating out of 10 for similar vehicles in its class. The 2006 Ford Explorer was rated at 9, while the Honda Pilot was rated a 10.

Senate Briefing: Vehicle Fuel Economy

MP3 audios from Oct 14, 2005 Senate Staff briefing sponsored by Senators Luger and Obama.

By EV World

Three automotive industry experts appeared on Capitol Hill to brief Senate staff members and the media on the impact high gasoline prices are having on Motor City, its suppliers and competitors.

Walter McManus directs the University of Michigan’s Office for the Study of Automotive Transportation. He spent nine years forecasting sales for General Motors and was J.D. Powers’ Executive Director, Forecasting and Analytics.  
MP3 Downloads

Walter McManus [4.37MB]
Roland Hwang [4.67MB]
Alan Reuther [2.27MB]

Roland Hwang is a senior policy analyst in National Resources Defense Council (NRDC) energy program and works on transportation energy issues out of its San Francisco office.

Alan Reuther is the legislative director International Union, United Automobile, Aerospace & Agricultural Implement Workers of America (UAW) .

Together, they conclude that energy prices are having a definite impact on car buyers and therefore on the American automotive industry. The video of the briefing will be available for 15 day after the October 14, 2005 broadcast date. To view it, you must have RealPlayer installed. Cut & Paste the following URL into the players FILE drop down menu.


EV World extends its thanks to Senators Luger and Obama, and their staffs, as well as C-SPAN, for making this briefing available. To listen to each speaker's presentation, either click on the link directly or right click and SAVE AS to your computer hard drive for later playback on your favorite MP3 device.

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Published: 26-Oct-2005


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