Nighttime gas flare
Wellhead natural gas being flared. This once nearly worthless substance has become increasingly valuable in an evermore energy hungry world as producers look for ways to transform it into a more transportable form including liquified natural gas and synthetic petroleum substitutes.

Climbing the Down Escalator

Q&A with Tom Petrie and Chris Skrebowski at ASPO USA World Oil Conference

By EV World

It's one thing to make a formal presentation before hundreds of energy experts, government policy makers, environmentalists and the media. All of the facts, figures and supporting charts are neatly organized and succinctly covered, usually in the form of PowerPoint bullets.

But what do the presenters themselves really think? What are the suppositions and reasoning behind those electronic slides?

That's why follow-up Q&A (question and answer) sessions are invaluable windows into the minds of the speakers. Granted, you won't always elicit complete candor or fully gain insight into the thinking behind the professional facade, but they can be quite revealing, as the Q&A sessions that were part of the Association for the Study of Peak Oil - USA conference in Denver in November 2005 reveal. Q&A's are also an excellent way to judge the mood of the audience, what they think about the topic and what are their concerns and reservations.

EV World was fortunate to be granted permission to record both the formal presentations and the follow-up Q&A sessions, the latter of which we are going to make available to all EV World visitors. The first such session features Petrie Parkman & Co. co-founder Tom Petrie and Petroleum Review editor Chris Skrebowski.

The lead-off question was directed to Tom Petrie regarding what he believed was the true estimate of Saudi Arabia's oil reserves. For his response and those of Chris Skrebowski, be sure to listen to this 34-minute "Future In Motion" podcast either by using the Flash-based MP3 player below the gas flare photo above or by downloading it to your computer hard drive for playback on your favorite MP3 player. This file will also be available through Apple's iTunes service. Simply paste the following URL into iTunes window under the Advanced menu item: http://www.evworld.com/rss/ipodcaster.xml. Or you can also access it using any RSS/XML newsreader program.

EV World expresses its thanks to ASPO USA, Steve Andrews and Randy Udall for granting us permission to attend and record this historic event. The next conference will be held in Boston, Massachusetts in 2006.

EVWORLD Future In Motion Podcast

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Published: 10-Jan-2006


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