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Uncle Sam wants YOUR Ideas about the Future of Transportation

Mar 16, 2015

The Federal Department of Transportation (DoT) is asking the public for their (i.e. your) opinions about the future of transportation, in the United States, for the next thirty years (2015-2045).

Last Update: 2015 April 1  06:50 EDT

Webinar Series:  Beyond TrafficIf you are reading this, then you are a reader of EV World, and are likely interested in the future of transportation.  Uncle Sam is giving you, and all others so interested, an opportunity to express your opinions about where our transportation system is going in the next thirty years (2015-2045).

There was a series of five webinars on three separate days in March.  Even though the webinar series has ended, you can still make comments about the draft report.  Click here for the 322-page (pdf) Draft Framework Report Beyond Trafftc 2045 – Trends and Choices, and then you can submit your ideas on this form, which also has an e-mail link for additonal ideas.  The deadline for submitting your ideas is not firmly set — all they say is “sometime this year” — but I suggest you make your comments and refine them until you are satisfied, and then submit.

The main page has offical information, and also a link to a 19-page “Blue Paper” that summarizes the larger report.

I had participated to help advocate for my MagLev ideas.  I hope we have many more voices heard, so that Uncle Sam will have the broadest possible range of options to consider.

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