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Mirror, Mirror on the Car, You're the Loudest Noise By Far

One of the few nitpicks on my Chevy Volt was a disturbingly loud pulsating wind noise when the driver's window was open, even at low speeds. Supposedly this is caused by the Volt's aerodynamic design to minimize wind resistance. Being somewhat of a fresh air fanatic, I was hoping for a solution. Some online research revealed that according to another Volt owner, GM has a fix kit for this known issue. My dealer confirmed this was available, and fortunately at no charge since my car is brand new.

The fix must be done by the dealer and involves replacing both mirrors plus adding modified wind deflectors on the window trim. The mirrors have small wings to redirect the air flow, and must be painted to match each car, which added an extra day to the installation.

After a test drive with the modified setup, I'm happy to say the problem is solved. GM claims there may be a minimal increase in the car's wind resistance but I'm willing to absorb that trade-off. Kudos to Chevy for making this solution available.

After & Before Photos:

The edge of the mirror now has a small wing.

Front view of new mirror winglet and black window trim deflector.

Another front view.

Factory stock mirror and flat window trim.

Stock flat window trim above Volt emblem.

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