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Disney Magic Tesla Magic

Sep 03, 2017

Both Disney and Tesla have changed the world after many doubted them and were sure they would fail.

Disney Magic, Tesla Magic

I just saw a special PBS TV show about Walt Disney. It’s interesting the similarities to Tesla the energy and auto company. They both almost went broke and had a hard time getting anyone to finance or anyone to recognize what they were doing. It was a very hard road for Walt. His 1st major animation was Snow white and the 7 Dwarfs. He put all his money and a big 2 million dollar loan to make it. If it failed he was done. They called it Disney Follies. In the end it was a great success. He paid back the loan early. Jiminy Cricket was my favorite character !

The show also noted Walt’s parents both almost died in the new home he and his brother Roy had given them on their 50th wedding anniversary. His mother did die but his father survived. It was from Carbon Monoxide in their home heating system that malfunctioned.

At Tesla they also had a hard time with many nay Sayers. The Roadster got attention but they had to gamble everything on the model S to survive. If it didn’t catch on they were done. GM and many others auto companies said it was a loser and no one wanted electric cars. Then Tesla hit it out of the park. They paid back their loan early.

They both have magic in them. Their idea and push to do it their way made the difference. They wouldn’t settle for a small weak production of what they had in mind. They have both changed the WORLD forever . With Tesla they changed us to an EVWORLD =D~~~~~~~~~~~~

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