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the Saturn EV1

Oct 17, 2017

Chevy missed the best car and drive train. Now they are trying to catch up but don't see the charging network as needed.

GM killed the Saturn brand and EV1

I think Chevy GM missed the biggest events in history. They made the EV1 Electric car and spent way too much making a special platform ,body and even magnesium seat frames. It was only a 2 door car which has very limited sales. They used Billions of government funding to make the EV1 and then crushed them saying no one wanted them.

They also made the amazing Saturn vehicles. They were light weight ,very efficient with fiberglass side panels similar to a corvette. They even made a 2 door Saturn Sky converticble and an SUV version. They had large owner picnics each year and people loved them. Them when they cut back they stopped making them but kept the heavy slow selling Cadillacs and Hummers.

If they had just put the EV1 electric drive train in the Saturn they could have sold millions. They also had the S-10 Electric pickup with the same EV1 drive train. So they would have had the first electric pickup as well as a Sky (Roadster) and SL (EV1). This would have filled a voind that Tesla used to start from scratch and become huge in a short time. GM could have stopped that by really making and improving the all Electric vehicle.

They say looking back is 20-20 vision. I don't think they had any vision so now they are playing catch up with the Bolt. But they stopped making the best buy SPARK EV. They also don't feel they should build the public charging like Tesla did from day one. Companies with no vision are all around us. AT&T developed wireless Cell Phones but didn't see a future in it. IBM made laptops but never saw a future with everyone owning a PC. Trojan makes batteries but never went to Lithium or anything but toxic Lead acid that don't last long so they sell a lot. GE never make LED light since they loved Incandescent HEAT LAMPS that don't last long .

The past and present is full of people and companies with no vision. Which choice will you make in an EV World?

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