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Did you get or give someone a Zero Emissions vehicle this year?

Dec 25, 2017

Was an electric vehicle on your Christmas gift list? Was any related items on the list?

Let us know your story of a new Zero Emission vehicle you got or gave at Christmas

Mine was a long time ago. I happened to see a used but very cool English Zero Emission vehicle at my parents house. I hinted around but my parents never spilled the beans. Finally at Christmas morning I found out it was for me. I couldn't wait to take it out for a spin. It even had a license plate on the back but it was expired. It was cold and messy outside. I went out anyway and took it around the block. It was magical.

Finally I had my first English racer bicycle. Not a big old clunky American bicycle but a light sleek English bike. It was a 3 speed and I soon discovered 2nd gear didn't work. The hand brakes also were not very good in the wet and slushy streets. It didn't bother me a bit.

This year (2017) we had ordered a Tesla model 3. I went to the store in Scottsdale Arizona and waiting in line an hour until the store opened. I was one of the 1st 100 that got a shinny new RESERVATION. We had hoped to get it by Christmas but it didn't happen for anyone that was not an employee. In fact I had applied for any jobs on the Tesla site but didn't even get an interview. It's still on my bucket list to work for Tesla. My wife said don't tell them you will work for free because I know you would. Someday that still may happen. I've even thought about moving near the Sparks Nevada GigaFactory that I visited on opening day. I still might.

Our Tesla model 3 RESERVATION still shows a DEC-FEB date on line. I know it will happen but we just have to be patient. The production is now up to 500 a day so they can still make that promised 3 month time frame. We already have 2 Electric cars and are 100% Electric and Solar. I'll be ready and share it here on an EV World.

Merry Christmas to All in an EV World

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