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Electric car rentals MAYBE

Jan 14, 2018

Are we making Electric Vehicle Progress?

Electric car rentals MAYBE

While getting warranty repairs on my 2015 KIA SOUL EV in Arizona (PS only buy an electric with liquid cooling) I asked for a like courtesy car. They don’t have any electrics. Their standard rental provider Enterprise also didn’t have any electrics. When I checked on line only Turo and Exotic Enterprise had some electrics but only the Tesla S at over $100 a day. The 3 Turo LEAF vehicles had all been removed.

I looked all day and finally found one small company that just had an older 2011 LEAF that got a new battery pack this year so I got that. I did see a few Tesla model 3’s for rent but at $250 to $750 a day. I only got a allowed amount of $34 a day.

So just when I think we are making big progress on electric vehicles I don’t see them in the main stream of car rentals or dealers. In fact I went and test drove a nice new Hyundai IONIQ this week. They make a Hybrid, Plugin Hybrid and 100% Electric. They only carry the Hybrid so I drove that. It was better than any hybrid I ever drove. The Blue version has the industry 1st Lithium starter battery. Other versions even have auto braking and avoidance options. A little like self driving.

I also tried to locate some new Chevy Bolt electrics. Every dealer was sold out but mostly because they have a very limited allocation. At least they are selling and stocking the few they get.

Maybe we are making some progress but not fast enough for me. What do you see in your area?

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