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Will China be the biggest player in Electric Vehicles

Apr 06, 2018

Right now in China BYD sells more electric vehicles than any automaker. Will they be big in the USA?

BYD lead all sales of EV's in 2017. Will they get even bigger in 2018 and beyond. Will they have big sales in the USA? Their electric buses are selling well in the USA.

BYD sales breakdown:

Song PHEV – 5,069 (11,907 YTD)

e5 – 2,946 (13,772 YTD)

Song EV300 – 1,547 (1736 YTD)

Tang – 977 (8,479 YTD)

Qin – 334 (1,988 YTD)

e6 – 189 (3,644 YTD)

Qin EV300 – 145 (4,262 YTD)

This is what Hans thinks.

Hans Hammermill

August 14, 2017 at 3:13 pm

BYD uses lithium iron phosphate batteries; less power dense then lithium nickel-manganese-cobalt batteries but also less volatile, is cheaper and can take more of a beating.

BYD e5 is 48kwh, with just shy of a 200-mile range and 215hp for about $33k USD before incentives. BYD also makes its own batteries in gigafactories.

Warren Buffet invested in them and for a good while it was thought they would come into the US and be competitive, however they only built buses in the US. It looks like they have plenty of market in China right now.

What I fear:

1) Traditional auto makers will stall on EVs and shrink

2) Tesla will grow very fast but

3) China auto makers like BYD will grow faster, eclipse Tesla and other EV auto makers and when they do enter the US and EU auto markets it will be a landslide.

In other words we’ll see the EV revolution we want but it will come in an unexpected form.

Remember, in the 60s it was “Jap Junk” then in the 80s Japan dominated the auto industry. In the 80s “Goldstar” was junk and today LG dominates home electronics.

Don’t think because China used to make poor quality products that quality will not improve.

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